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Get Your Life Back

Run a Business that RUNS  without you


What could you accomplish???

when your employees care AS MUCH as you do

Skip the Insanity

Eliminate Confusion

Control the Outcome

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What will you do?

when your team gets more done with 1/2 the stress


Imagine a workplace...

where your employees operate at their potential.


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Trust built through every experience

Schedule a 45 min Discovery Session Today &

See what working with Guy is like


Here's what participants who attended our training told us: 

"I didn't know I could have this much fun leading my people."

"My employee's attitudes improved after the first session."

"My employee's performance improved within 30 days."

"It's clear my employees enjoy their jobs now."

We've transformed the lives of countless business owners & their people. 

CBS Radio
AAA Car Care Lg
Prince Georges Community College
Pohanka Automotive Group
Communication Electronics

Ready for a Life and Business You Love?


Skip the Insanity

Eliminate Confusion

Control the Outcome

"Working with Guy Cooper has been the best decision I have ever made! He has helped implement operational, marketing, and training strategies that have made an immediate impact on my auto repair business. If you want a committed, passionate, high-energy individual in your corner I highly endorse Guy's services."
Shonak Ponda
Shonak Ponda, Proprietor, Seemas Inc.